Meso Solution, vitten®

Total meso solution to maintain healthy skin

  • vitten® is a total meso solution that supplements the essential elements of the skin.
  • The extracellular matrix (ECM) supports the skin structure and gives the skin elasticity and tensile force.
  • vitten® mesosolution provides a diverse supplement for healthy extracellular matrix maintenance.
Products Specification
Product Specifications Ingredient Packaging Effect
vitten® PN Non crosslinked HA 20mg/ml,
PN 5mg/ml
3 ml / box Skin regeneration
Skin hydration
vitten® hydro Non crosslinked HA 15mg/ml 3 ml * 3 syringes Skin hydration
vitten® hydro plus Semi crosslinked HA 15mg/ml 3 ml * 3 syringes
vitten® hair Rx
(for clinic)
Growth factor cocktail 100 mg / vial
6 vials / box
Hair loss treatment
vitten® hair Rx
(for homecare)
Growth factor cocktail 5 ml / ampoule
8 ampoules / box