Product name : epiticon Thin, polydioxanone suture <B02020.20 (4)>
    Model name : epiticon Thin
    Product approval number : No.13-1039
    Purpose : Comprised of polydioxanone suture, catheter, and sterilized needle; used for treatment of human body, but not for drug delivery
    [Disposable/sterilized medical device/do not reuse]
Model Name Epiticon Thin
Product Name Epiticon Thin 21G _ Bidirectional
Raw Material PDO (polydioxanone)
Cannula Type L Type / A Type
Thread USP # 4-0
Thread Length (cog) 80 mm
No. of Anchoring 68
Packaging 50 ea (5 Packs X 8ea)
Shelf life 24 Months