Excimer Laser E1
  • Model : Excimer Laser E1
  • Item : Other Laser Surgical Instruments(E1)
Laser Medium Excimer laser
Effect Specialized lasers for treating vitiligo and psoriasis (can claim dermatologist insurance)
Wavelength 308nm
Gas Type XeCl Mixed Gas
Laser Control Footswitch
Operating Mode Stamp and Continue Mode
Beam Profile Square
Nominal Pulse Energy 8mJ
Pulse Width 30ns
Spot Size 2cm * 2cm
Pulse Rate 200Hz
Optical Delivery LLG Fiber
Cooling Air Cooling
Input Power 220VAC, 2.2KVA, 10A, 60Hz
Weight 150Kg
Dimensions 500mm[W] X 990mm[D] X 947mm[H]