CEO Message

JETEMA is a global bio company that develops innovative medicines and medical devices for a healthy and beautiful life.

I am the CEO of JETEMA.

Founded in 2009, JETEMA is expanding into various medical fields with continuous R&D and unrivaled technology.
JETEMA is being reborn as a global bio company that will lead the 21st century based on the philosophy of not settling for the present and always taking on challenges in line with constant market changes.

We started with establishing the filler factory, botulinum toxin factory, and a global R&D formulation research institute to strengthen the R&D area and maximize expertise; all business sites have been built and are about to take a new leap forward.

JETEMA will go one step further in the field of beauty and plastic surgery and strive for the highest value of customers with the aspiration to step up to the field of global therapeutics.

We promise to do our best with the highest priority in achieving a happy life for people worldwide by developing innovative medicines and medical devices that contribute to a healthier and more beautiful life for our customers, shareholders, and everyone who believes in JETEMA.
Thank you,

KIM Jaeyoung, Nam Jeongsun