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    Jetema's filler signs strategic partnership with famous clinics in Vietnam
    Thanks to the formal import and distribution licenses of Vietnam in April, e.p.t.q. filler signed a strategic partnership with famous clinics in Vietnam on July 21, and held a VIP launching ceremony.   Along with Kwon Sang Woo, the ambassador of e.p.t.q. filler, top celebrities of Vietnam and medic...
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    Jetema Co. Ltd. & Kyung Hee University, College of Pharmacy, have signed MOU for Cooperative Research and Academic Excellence Program
    Jetema announced that they have signed a MOU with Kyunghee University College of Pharmacy. The purpose of this agreement is to build an organic cooperation research system, to conduct collaborative research through mutual exchange and cooperation, and to train talented individuals. http://news.wowt...
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    Jetema Co. Ltd. acquires product approval for Filler products in Vietnam
    Jetema recently announced that they have obtained product/distribution approval for their hyaluronic acid filler "e.p.t.q.(Epitique)" from Vietnamese authorities.   http://news.mk.co.kr/newsRead.php?year=2018&no=266706
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